The Original Series

Before you begin reading, allow me to give you some context as to why this version exists and why I’m bothering to put it out there even if it’s no longer cannon.

I wrote this version of the series shortly after a very difficult time in my life. During this time, I was searching for a meaning. I had, until then, defined myself by my value to others. I had never once considered what I wanted in life. Who was I? What did I want to do with myself? My eventual reaction was to return to writing. Writing had always been a coping mechanism for me. A way to exert control over my life when it felt as though I had none. I was an emotional mess when this tale began and I believe this is very evident in the story. Though it is no longer the tale I am dedicated to telling, it remains the first version of the series that has changed my life. I keep it around as a reminder of where it all began and how important this mess of a story is to me.

I can’t guarantee it’ll be the most enjoyable read, but its here for anyone who might be interested in checking out where the story began. ♥