Okay so. This is a hell of a thing. After I received some mixed reviews on the Original Series, I went back to the drawing board. Apparently starting in the middle and working in both directions was a bad idea so I had to find a starting point to work linearly forwards from.

Spoiler alert: The current run WILL NOT be 100% linear so that didn’t stick.

ANYWAY! I went back to a time before the Rift opened. I rearranged a lot of things and changed a lot of characters. The most drastic thing I did was take Daniel away from Sylus. Daniel became the son of his best friend who disappears in the blast so Sylus, already being a father-like figure to Daniel, adopts him. This created a weird dynamic I wasn’t keen on. It forced me to explore a bit more of their relationship, but overall it just didn’t feel right.

Neither did Lysette and Castor, the two new characters who would later become “Cartographers”. Cartographers are mortals gifted with the ability to map the Void and they always come in pairs. Usually couples. One can enter the Void to do the mapping while the other stays out as a recorder/anchor. In the original series, it was Nicolas and Esmeralda. I was trying to keep this mechanic of the universe in-tact, but in the end, it turned out to be superfluous and was ultimately axed as a concept.