The Story

Sylus Synclaire is a father.
                                a lover
                                an outcast
                                a tentacle monster born of the rotting remains of a dead eldritch god.

If he had his way, he’d love nothing more than to use his powers to bring peace to himself and his family. But no. He has to “defend all mortal kind” against “The Void”.

How is any of this his problem? Well, it might have something to do with the dead god he shares his body with. Or maybe the living god that is enamored by his very existence?

Can, no, will Sylus step up to defend the world? Or will he sit back and watch as that which cast him aside burns to the ground?

What Readers Are Saying

YouTube Channel

In these sorts of genres (the speculativey kind – yes, that’s now a word!) it becomes very easy for the worldbuilding and plot to overshadow the character. This is brilliant because it’s putting the main character up close and personal from the start. It says ‘this story might have a lot of stuff going on but the most important person here is Sylus’.


In one word? Freaky.

YouTube Channel

...if you haven’t already done so - go read this now!! Sylus has my heart now. Such a gripping, intriguing and immersive first chapter.


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The first episode will be coming to print in 2020!

Exact date TBA.

The first print copy will be of the the first episode of the second arc: Emerald Adagio.

I aim to eventually rewrite and compile the introductory arc, Violet Prelude, but that will take some time. As a result, print order will differ from publishing order.