>Entry #9: Across the Universe.

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Sylus is ready to meet his fate at the end of his journey, but Qaitax insists he understands Saari’s life a bit more.

Jeron & Daniel remain trapped in a bomb shelter. The second they step outside, they learn how dangerous the world has become.

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>Entry #7: Sympathy for the Devil.

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Henley was never as he seemed.

Doubt is cast over Qaitax.

Both the truth & Sylus’ sanity are unraveling. Is the price he must pay to protect his family too great? Will doubt and fear win out?

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>Entry #5: Let It Be.

Everything is coming apart. The worst anyone could imagine has finally occurred. What happens from this point on, will shape the course of mortal existence for the rest of eternity. It’s time a decision was made.

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>Entry #4: Everything.

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Sylus and Jeron finally have some personal time together. It isn’t all sunshine and roses, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. All the while, the symptoms of Qaitax’s gift to Sylus intensifies.

>Entry #2: Voices.

Sylus is nearly dragged to his death by the haunting call of the Void. As his family springs to his aid, an unlikely being saves him from self destruction. Fear cannot win.

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Welcome to Q’taxia.

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