The Q’taxians

>Entry #6: Wonderwall.

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Sylus struggles to come to terms with himself and his future.

Qaitax pleads his case to an unsympathetic crowd. Jeron and Daniel struggle to accept the Voidlord’s intentions.

All the while, Henley is waiting.

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>Entry #5: Let It Be.

Everything is coming apart. The worst anyone could imagine has finally occurred. What happens from this point on, will shape the course of mortal existence for the rest of eternity. It’s time a decision was made.

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>Entry #4: Everything.

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Sylus and Jeron finally have some personal time together. It isn’t all sunshine and roses, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. All the while, the symptoms of Qaitax’s gift to Sylus intensifies.

>Entry #3: Some Other Time.

The voice that’s haunted Sylus’ mind and dreams has a name. Qaitax needs Sylus’ help to escape his ancient prison, but he’s no fool to the whims of mortals. Something must be given for something to be gained.

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>Entry #2: Voices.

Sylus is nearly dragged to his death by the haunting call of the Void. As his family springs to his aid, an unlikely being saves him from self destruction. Fear cannot win.

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>Entry #1: A Day in the Life.

“Prepare to be sanitized.” Meet Sylus Synclaire, his family, his friends, the voice in his head, and the warped world he lives in. “Welcome to the Riftworks. For the protection and preservation of humanity.”

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