Day 12: Zebra Stainless Steel Pen.

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This one’s a bit interesting. I purchased this item years ago based on the recommendation of the same Instagram account that introduced me to the Maruman notebook. At the time, I could only buy one (contrary to the 3-pack I’ll link below) and it was around $6.00. That’s a fairly pricey pen. Anyway, as I was digging around for something to review, I happened to find this item in my drawer, still in its packaging. I figure now is as good a time as any to check it out!

Fresh out of the packaging and this is a weighty pen. It’s actually hard to describe its weight… As I took it out of the package, it felt heavy, but holding it in my hand… it somehow doesn’t? Doing a quick balance test proved it to be quite well distributed in weight. I actually expected it to be heavier towards the tip, but it wasn’t. That was an interesting discovery since at a glance and a quick feel it seems to be heavy toward that end.

The click is smooth and has a nice sound to it. I don’t usually use click pens for some reason. I tend to prefer caps even though those can easily get lost.

Writing with it is interesting. Once its properly in your hand, it does feel bottom heavy (weighted toward the tip). The cut-in grip is actually quite comfortable to work with. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it writes quite well. I can actually smell the ink after I finished doodling in my notebook.

Of course, I tested it in my Maruman notebook and it worked like a charm. The nib glides across the paper very smoothly.

Overall, it is a nice pen and is currently listed on Amazon as a 3-pack for $18.23.

Now, would I recommend it? Maybe? It truly is a statement piece that’s very good quality, but at ~$6 each, you might be able to find something just as efficient and more budget-friendly. If money is something you need to be keeping track of, save your bills. As nice as this pen is, it hasn’t changed my mind about using things like my Sharpies or even my Pentel EnerGel both of which can be purchased in larger packs for cheaper.

I suppose its more about the look than anything else. Having an all-metal pen is quite a thing and maybe even a conversation piece. As I mentioned, it is very good quality in both construction and writing ability. If you want to check ’em out, I definitely won’t advise against it!

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