Day 10: Rite in the Rain All-Weather Pocket Notebook.

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***I was neither endorsed nor sponsored by this brand to make this review. I purchased the item with my own money and am reviewing it of my own volition.***

From Amazon Listing

Rite in the Rain is a brand that produces hydrophobic notebooks.

I purchased a 3-pack of these probably a year ago. I have no idea what happened to the other two, but I do have one of them!

Please forgive the state of this thing, it lived in my pocket for a while… I’m kind of surprised the label’s stayed on as well as it has…

Similar to the Mnemosyne, the cover is a firm yet flexible plastic and the notebook is wire-bound. Avoiding traditional binding was a good move considering this product is meant to be used in rough environments.

I originally bought them because I wanted to do this “write in the rain” thing like two springs ago. Ya know, some silly thing where I put on a raincoat and sit outside and write bad poetry on hydrophobic paper and take some aesthetic Instagram shot of water beading over my paper…

Ah! Yes! How it works! See, when the paper gets “wet” the water beads up on the surface of the pages. You can wipe or tilt it off and it just rolls away.

The listing makes it clear that using liquid/gel-based writing utensils won’t utilize the notebook to the best of its ability. Since the paper is hydrophobic (repels water), it won’t absorb liquid inks. The listing also mentions that a regular ballpoint could work when the paper is dry, but strongly suggests either using a pencil or a weather-proof pen.

Based on that little test wherein I immediately smudged what I wrote with, you can tell the pencil held up the best. In fact, the Paper♥Mate was the best out of them all. I don’t have a traditional ballpoint on hand or I’d’ve tried that, too. The Pentel and Sharpie smudged immediately due to the liquid content of their inks. As you can seem the Sharpie almost came off entirely.

Smudging aside, the paper was very smooth to write on. It’s also relatively thick for notebook paper, but that’s most likely due to the pages being treated to repel water.

Both sides of the pages are lined.

The cool thing about this is the “ghost” grid. If you need the grid for any reason, it’s there, but the vertical lines don’t interfere with traditional writing.

When I was keeping it in my pocket, I found myself sometimes forgetting it was there. The construction is very good and the malleable nature of the cover allows this notebook to form a bit when kept in a pants pocket. I kept it in the back so obviously I’ve sat on it a few times and it still came out in good shape.

Would I recommend this notebook?

If you have any need of something that can function in all weather conditions, then I very much recommend it. But if, like me, you tend to keep your writing indoors, this product really isn’t for you. Its restriction on what kind of writing utensils you can efficiently use makes it a bit of a pain to use casually, but as I said if you’re a more active outdoors person who needs something to write on regardless of the weather, this one’s for you!

Amazon has a listing for a 3-pack for $13.49. If you want to check them out, you can find them here!

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