Day 9: Google Keep (Keep Notes)

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***I was neither endorsed nor sponsored by this brand to make this review. I purchased the item with my own money and am reviewing it of my own volition.***

Another app! This one does require a Google account, so if that’s not something you really want, feel free to skip this review!

Google Keep is simple, easy to use, and incredibly useful. I bring it up all the time on my phone to jot down ideas. There aren’t any unnecessary bells or whistles in this app so it loads very quickly. The interface is straightforward and easy to understand. For as minimalist as it is, it does exactly what it’s supposed to and it does it well!

You can color-code your notes, add pictures to them, convert them to lists you can check items off of, set alarms, record a note, DRAW a note… You can do a lot with this little app.

My Recent Notes.

I run it on “night mode”, but the default is a standard white and black theme:

Image from Google’s information page about the app.
I have a stylus, but I didn’t use it.

Since Keep Notes is a Google app, it’s synced online and your notes can be retrieved anywhere by logging into the connected Google account. I find this incredibly useful. While I don’t usually record notes on the computer, it’s sometimes nice to be able to bring them up without reaching for my phone.

There really isn’t too much to say about this app other than it’s easy to understand, straightforward in design, and very convenient to have on hand when an idea randomly pops into your head.

If you already have a Google account or feel comfortable with setting one up, you might want to check this app out!

A good alternative, of course, is a pocket notebook! Which is exactly what we’ll be looking at in the next review! And don’t worry, it’s not just a random pocket notebook. There’s something special about this one! So stay tuned to find out more! 😉

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