Day 7: Pentel EnergGel 0.7mm Ball Pen

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***I was neither endorsed nor sponsored by this brand to make this review. I purchased the item with my own money and am reviewing it of my own volition.***

I got so busy yesterday that I forgot to make this post. As a result today, the 8th of December, there will the TWO reviews to make up for it.

The first one, at this wee hour in the morning, is something I mentioned I might do in my Sharpie pen review. When I was originally reviewing those two pens, I pulled out a random ballpoint that I had on hand to test their qualities against. Mind you, this isn’t just some random generically branded ballpoint.

As I mentioned in the Sharpie review, I used to find myself at Staples at least once a week. That was how I gained such a fondness for the felt-tipped Sharpie pens I’ve accrued an unnecessarily large collection of. Anyway, at one point, they stopped carrying my pens at ALL at check out. Label aside, they just weren’t there. So I grabbed a random purple pen that was in their place.

That pen was the Pentel EnerGel Liquid Gel Ink 0.7mm Ballpoint Pen. I hadn’t realized it was a ballpoint to be honest. I don’t know what I thought it was. It was purple so I had to obtain it.

This pen sat in my pen cup for years before I ever really gave it any thought. When I was first testing the Sharpies, I wanted something I knew I wouldn’t like to compare them to. A “random” ballpoint pen was perfect. Well. I was wrong.

I’m so used to “ballpoint” being synonymous with “low quality” that it genuinely blew my mind that it was possible for one to write so smoothly. That could, perhaps, be partially chalked up to the fact that this baby’s loaded with gel ink rather than traditional ink. I was caught off guard by how smooth it made its way across both the Mnemosyne pages and a generic notebook.

It felt somewhere between the two Sharpie pens. Slightly rougher than the silver label, but smoother than the black one. I was genuinely surprised.

The color is also outstanding! I added a splotch to the samples I used for the “brandless” rollerballs.

Very vivid in the pigment department.

Overall, I really was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this pen. I suppose I shouldn’t be for the price I paid for it, but at the same time, you tend not to expect much from things you pick up at the check-out line. Then again, that’s how my Sharpie addiction began.

I purchased this pen at the individual retail value of $3.49, which can be found on Pentel’s Site. They have 12 colors available as individual pens:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Violet
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Navy
  • Lime Green
  • Sky Blue
  • Pink
  • Turquoise

Or you can buy all 12 in a pack from Amazon for a total of $20.71.

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