Day 6: Vulgar

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***I was neither endorsed nor sponsored by this brand to make this review. I purchased the item with my own money and am reviewing it of my own volition.***

Here’s one that might actually be a bit out of left field!

Back when I was trying to develop a unique language for my “alien” species, my brother turned me on to this excellent resource.

Vulgar is a free* web app that randomly generates a very comprehensive language complete with grammar structure, conjugations AND a dictionary of some basic words

If you’re just looking to play language roulette, you can keep pressing “Generate Language” at the top of the screen.

However, if you already have some established rules, Vulgar let’s you key them in!

You can set what letters of the English alphabet could be used in your language as well as anything else that falls under those tabs below! Basically, if you already have a comprehensive grasp of your fictional language, Vulgar can help you fill out some of the miscellaneous gaps.

Generate a language you want to save? Hit that “Save your language” button and you’re offered a few different ways to download it:

*The program, as you’ve seen here, is completely FREE and as a web app, there’s nothing to download (unless you want to save your language)!

It DOES have one-time purchase tiers for anyone who wants to delve a bit further.

According to their pricing page, for $15 you get:

  • 2000 generated words
  • Ability to add unlimited new words
  • Manual translator
  • Custom spelling
  • Save languages (which is interesting considering I saved a free language without logging in…)
  • Create descendant languages

For $25 you get all of that plus:

  • 4000 generated words
  • Smart translator
  • Sci-fi vocabulary option

If you’re looking for some assistance in heading the right direction with developing your fantasy/sci-fi language, Vulgar could be a very helpful resource.

It’s also fun to just hang out and spam the “Generate New Language” button to see what you can get!

It is very unlikely that the language you generate has ever been duplicated due to the random nature of Vulgar’s process.

Bonus! Languages generated by Vulgar belong to you so you’re free to use them in your book without royalties or any other fees! In fact, according to their FAQ page:

As someone who used to like “studying” linguistics on a very basic level, I had a great time refreshing myself with this program. They offer a lot of assistance in pronouncing unique spelling formations and grammar structures. Since I was so darn rusty I had to do some extra googling, but nothing serious. I actually ended up with a few interesting languages based on some custom input parameters. These languages may or may not appear in my novel, but they were a lot of fun to come up with anyway!

If worldbuilding and language creation are things you’re really interested in, I highly recommend giving Vulgar a try. It’s free to do virtually everything with. You only have to pay if you want some extras and since the fees are one-time and the prices are incredibly reasonable, you’d be supporting the further development of the project!

Try Vulgar Now!

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