Day 5: Extra Large Bamboo Bookstand

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***I was neither endorsed nor sponsored by this brand to make this review. I purchased the item with my own money and am reviewing it of my own volition.***

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Alright, I can hear you now. “That’s a bit of a reach, isn’t it?” Well, if you’re editing process is anything like mine, this thing is a godsend.

My process is to write everything up on a word processor and then print it all out and put it in a binder for editing. I then edit the physical copy in the binder and type it all back up into a new word processing document.

Now, my struggle has always been keeping the binder in a position that I can easily see the pages in. I was leaning it against a printer, a binder holder, my computer, my spare monitor… Basically, I tried to lean it everywhere I could so I’d be able to see the pages easily.

Until I realized bookstands were a thing, but would there be one big enough to hold my binder?

I hopped on Amazon and found this listing:

“Extra Large Bamboo Bookstand” for $22.99

It’s larger than average and I think it was made to hold bigger books like text books, but it’s PERFECT for my binder!

Like I said, if your editing process is anything like mine, you might have struggled with finding a way to prop your folder/binder up in a way that let’s you easily go between your computer and the pages. This really solves that problem. If you have the space to sit your binder upright, you have the space to set this thing up!

As with many other book stands, this one is also adjustable just incase you need your manuscript to lean a little further back.

via Amazon listing

As simple as it is, this thing has been a game-changer for me. It’s very stable and seems to stay steady as I turn a bunch of pages at once. I’m really glad I bit the bullet and picked one up! Extremely useful and convenient!

You don’t have to get this one per se, but it is the perfect size for holding a binder. The other sizes are definitely meant to hold average-sized books which is why I recommend this particular model (or any model that has a larger size to it).

See? I wasn’t just posting some random thing! 😉

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