>Entry #19: Freedom.

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Daniel sat in his room reflecting on the day’s events. He didn’t know how to reconcile what happened. Part of him still wanted to cry, but another part was relieved that everything had finally come to a head. Maybe he could still use a good cry.

As far as he could tell, his father was back in once piece. He hadn’t seen or heard from Qaitax since the event, but he assumed if his father wasn’t concerned, then there was nothing to be worried about. Everyting was going back to, well, normal.

Except there was a new and strange energy permeating the very air around them. It was as though a dark cloud had lifted. That all the facades were finally gone and the pretend happiness had passed. It was as though accepting their inevitable demise had freed them in some sense. It was out in the open now. The sheer helplessness of their situation was laid bare.

Something slid under his door. He turned to find a simple white envelope with his name on it. Getting up from his bed to retrieve it, he turned it over and genly opened it. Inside there were two pieces of paper. One was labeled “Please Read”. The other was seemingly blank. Daniel opened the one he was advised to.

Daniel Synclaire,
I know you will always have a hint of doubt about my intentions. About my will and relationship with your father. I do not expect us to ever be friends or allies or whathaveyou. However, I promised you something. Something you should have regardless of your feelings toward me.
Enclosed in this envelope is a sigil. Once you look upon it, you will understand its purpose, but before you do, I will tell you this:
This is the only way I know how to destroy a Voidlord. I’m sure there are other methods, but this is how I was brought low and it can easily be used against me once more. It requires a terrible sacrifice, but if you are as attuned to the Void’s weave as I believe you are, you will understand.
If you do not wish to harbor this knowledge, do not open the accompanying letter, but please. Keep it safe and know that you and you alone carry this knowledge. I leave it to you to decide when the time comes that we must be dealt with. And before you worry, I am giving this to you with your father’s consent. He understands the necessity, but feels it should not be your burden to carry. I understand this, but I feel you are the one who is closest to our condition. Saari would carry it out without a second thought and I fear Jeron would be too quick to jump for it were I to show any signs of aberration. I believe you, Daniel, are capable of making a rational decision.
Oh, and one last thing… If you do look at it, there is a chance you will be opening a gateway to accept other sigils across space and time… If this occurs, I invite you to speak to myself or Saari. We can help you understand these powers, but there is no garauntee they will come to you. As with all things in these days, nothing is certain.
I truly mean you no harm, Daniel. I may not seem approachable or hospitable, but truly, I mean neither you nor anyone Sylus calls family any harm.
Warmest regards,

Daniel couldn’t help but crack a smile at the letter. Reading it again, he felt more and more comfortable with the idea of Qaitax’s presence. Something he struggled with even though he put up a strong, understanding facade. But it really wasn’t a facade. He meant everything he said. He meant that he wanted Qaitax and Saari to feel at home, but… was he ready for that? Perhaps he wasn’t before, but he was now. He was ready to leap the hurdles he kept burried so deeply inside of him. It was time.

He placed the letter and envelope on his desk, but kept the blank page in his hand. Did he really want to look at this thing? Did he really want to know how to kill his own father? He knew everything Qaitax said was true. He knew that there was always a chance he’d lose his father again. But even if he had the knowledge… Would he be able to use it?

Opening a drawer in his desk he retrieved an old tattered notebook. He opened it at random and placed the sigil between its pages. Not now, he decided. Someday… Somday soon even, but not now. He closed the journal and returned it to its drawer.

Leaning on his desk, he pinned Qaitax’s letter to the wall behind his monitor. He didn’t care who knew he had that kind of information, but he wanted an ever-present reminder that Qaitax, for as alien as he seemed, was actually quite human.



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