UPDATE: The New Content System & What’s up with “The Q’taxians”?

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Anyone who follows this site has probably noticed a drastic increase in activity and content types. Are they all good? That’s debatable, but let’s talk about what’s going on with the site as a whole as well as the fate of the web series that started it all.

Project Ver

You’ve probably noticed some random posts that are nothing more than me adding the prefix ver to various words in existing works of literature. This is something of a gag series that was created as something of a joke, but I’ve taken it on as more of a challenge. I add ver to words in an attempt to affect the rhythm of the read-through as possible.

The long answer to why this exists goes back to my Final Fantasy XIV crew. I main a class called Red Mage and their gimmick is that they balance white and black magic. They accumulate this magic by casting altered versions of spells other classes already have. These altered spells have their names modified simply by adding Ver to the front of the existing spell name.

For example: A black mage has Fire spells. Therefore a Red Mage has Verfire.

It’s simplistic, but its often confusing because the class’s kit revolves around 6 spells that all start with the prefix Ver.

It’s always been something of a joke in the community, but I decided to take it a bit further and, as a joke to my Free Company (guild) mates, I started fucking around with adding Ver everywhere especially where it didn’t belong.

I wasn’t content with it existing purely in-game so I took it to the next level and created Project Ver for fun. I find it interesting and challenging to efficiently bastardize existing works with ver, but I’m sure it’s nothing spectacular to readers, so feel free to write it off for what it is: A joke.

Blog Post Uptick

Since the site is no longer myopically focused on the series I feel a lot freer to post more opinion pieces and other personal updates. I’m trying to make these a daily occurrence, but sometimes it doesn’t work out and you end up with other content.

I aim to always have daily content whether its a blog post, a Project Ver shitpost, or something Q’taxians related. I want to keep this site active and rolling across people’s feeds so get used to seeing a lot more from me!

Q’taxian Extras

You might have noticed some other post types mainly being Deleted Scenes, the Cursed Series, and the OG series. These are all related to the web series and fall under a subset of content dedicated to that specific part of the site.

Deleted Scenes are simply parts of existing entries that didn’t make the final cut. This was content previously locked behind Patreon.

The Cursed Series is this awful attempt at a rewrite that I attempted ages ago. It was bad.

The OG Series is exactly that. It’s the original version of The Q’taxians in all its “telling” glory. This was also content previously locked behind Patreon.

Void Tales

I think I’ve already introduced you to these but they’re just little stand-alone weird short stories. They might come out slower than anything else because they’re actually unique content that’s written on the spot when an idea comes to me.

The Q’taxians Overhaul

Ah yes. Another overhaul. I’m sure you’re all happy to see this. Well, I’ll try to keep this brief. Firstly, I’ve updated all the artwork and made it more uniform. Why’s that? Well, because I’ve gotten rid of the Arc system. There will no longer be any hard-lined arcs to the series. I’m just going to write it going forwards. Each Entry will be its own contained mini-arc that may or may not progress the main story in some way. Outside of that, I will no longer be classifying any subset of Entries as anything specific. Each Entry is part of the Q’taxians and I will be following this model going forwards.

The Threat of Content Shift

Is null right now. I’m still working out how I can publish physical copies related to the series, but that might come down to wholly unique subplots or short in-universe stories. At this point, I do not think the series as it currently exists lends itself well to physical publication unless I go the route of publishing one Entry at a time. I don’t think this is all that efficient, but I’ll keep looking into it. I’ve been given some good resources I need to go over before I make any serious decisions on this matter.

Rewriting “The Q’taxians”

So far I have Entry #1 rewritten and that’s it. I haven’t replaced the existing version yet and I’m not certain I ever will. I don’t think this is going to be an urgent process. I’m more interested in progressing the plot right now. Its been too long since last there was an update. I’m still not committing to a hard content schedule, but I hope I can promise you more consistent updates. It’s time we got to the fun parts. These “rewrites” may end up coinciding with the above mention of creating physical content and/or printing each Entry separately, but I’m not 100% sure yet.

I do know the series is imperfect and it needs work. In fact, as I was reading through the first chapter during the rewrite, I caught a lot of errors I need to go back over and fix. I should do that ASAP…

I hope this all makes some sense and puts any concerns about the series to rest. The tl;dr is that there’s a lot more content coming and I plan on getting back to the series and not worrying about dumb shit like arcs and micro organizing. Onward and upward.

So until next time
Tav \o

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