Happy 4th of July?

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It honestly doesn’t feel worth celebrating.

Our country has fallen so low. Where once we were on the rise to greatness, we’ve fallen back into a pit of despair.

Poverty is up. It was always too high for a first-world country, but since the massive mishandling of the pandemic and zero preparation for such an event is leading to some of the worse poverty levels this country has ever seen.

Racism is up. It was always there, it’s just being broadcasted more publicly. People thinking its a-okay to scream and shout about sending citizens “back to where they came from”. They’re from here, you jackass.

Blind Patriotism is up. Blindly supporting a broken system is a form of ideological corruption. True patriotism and love of one’s country is demanding reform for a better future.

Cult of Personality is up. There is literally nothing good about Trump and yet somehow, his loud ignorance is appealing to some people and this is beyond dangerous. He blusters and bellows and spouts utter nonsense and while, thankfully, his support is in decline, there are still those who would blindly support him and blame said decline on “THOSE DIRTY DEMMOCRAPS!” If you’re so easily manipulated by blatant propaganda, you shouldn’t be allowed vote.

Willful Ignorance is up. “Don’t think your 1/2 day lecture on vaccines knows better than my 10 years of suffering from vaccine injuries.” “Vaccines are violence.” “My child is sick and I won’t take them to the doctor, what should I do to help them?” “Potatoes!” “PERFECT! Also, fuck facts and science the earth is flat and the center of the universe because I’m the center of my universe so the earth should be the center of the bigger one. Also, 5G causes cancer which will lead to Bill Gates mandating vaccines that contain microchips to track you and with a secret word control you via the 5G signals. Read up, sheeple!”

Critical Thinking is down. No one wants to think any harder than they have to. The title of an Onion article holds more truth than a 30-year peer-reviewed study. See above.

Empathy is down. We just don’t care about each other anymore and you can’t blame it on “oh those kids and their online desensitization and them video games”. No. It’s coming from you, Karen, and your overwhelming entitlement and superiority complex.

I want so much more for this country, but where the hell do you even begin? So long as there are people who think protesting (a constitutional right) and demanding change is “Anti-American”, how can you really cause any change? I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll ever know. But as long as the fight continues, America may one day be a great place once more worthy of celebration.

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