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As I’m sure any regular reader has noticed, the site has changed. In some ways its a bit drastic, in others it remains much the same.

Site Changes

For starters, the main address is no longer That URL will still bring you to the site, but the new direct address is

Why the change?

After speaking to some professionals, it has come to my attention that I should probably be marketing myself and not just the series. As a result, I’ve reconfigured the site to be a place to hold all my collections of weird writings as well as more regular blogging. The site is no longer dedicated exclusively to the web series, but the web series will continue to be updated right here! So if you’re interested in keeping up with it, consider following the blog!

Void Tales

I’ve introduced another section for very short fiction called Void Tales. These are just weird little on-offs that may not even be written well. They’re kind of stream-of-consciousness based on a vague idea I had at some point. They range from rather mundane to kind of graphic so… Not really for everyone, but I figured I’d share em anyway! They’re not my main focus and just happen as they happen so don’t expect a regular schedule for these any time soon.

Hopefully, this change isn’t too drastic for long time readers. As always, I am very much open to constructive criticism and concerns.

Clarification on Previous Status Posts

Contrary to what prior update posts said, I will NOT be removing ANY of the Violet Prelude arc from the site. How future arcs are uploaded will be a bit different going forward, but the first introductory arc will always be up and free to read.

I will be bringing over the OG series soon so be prepared for that mess.

I’ll also be bringing over all my deleted scenes so… If you wanna see what could have been, those will be coming.

Once I get this existing content efficiently streamlined, I’ll return to both reworking Violet Prelude and future arcs. There’s a very good chance that what I’m currently calling Emerald Adagio will be rolled into Violet Prelude. This is due to the fact that Prelude is meant to be the back story so, to me, it makes sense to have all establishing tales in one spot. Especially the parts with Jeron and Sylus getting their acts together. They don’t really belong in a different arc so expect MORE content coming to Violet Prelude, MORE content for the series as a whole, and MORE content to the site as a whole!

I do still intend on getting some stuff to print, but it might not be as soon as I had hoped. We shall seeee!

I’d like to thank everyone who’s helped me get this far and I hope all my readers continue to enjoy the content I love making more than anything else!

Until next time,
Tav \o

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