The Fate of the Series Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

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It sounded like I had a pretty determined course of action in that first “State of the Series” post, didn’t it? But as with all things, with the passage of time, some ideas change.

I’ve had a few people come out of the woodwork to express a bit of concern about taking down all the content I have on the site. To be honest, I had no idea I had this many readers. I just want to quickly thank you all. Your responses mean a lot to me. My reasoning behind that was, obviously enough, business-oriented. I wanted to push people toward the physical copy for financial reasons, but… That’s not what this is about and that system violates the framework I built the idea of the series on.

I had a conversation with someone I consider very well versed in business practice and even a bit of publishing. I rehashed my issue with clearing content off the site and they actually said something rather interesting. They suggested I leave what’s on the site and file it under drafts or archive.

As I mentioned in the amendment, I will be keeping online content, but it will be the content that currently exists. The new revised editions will be limited to samples and print copies. I think this strikes a fair middle ground. My only concern is that the storytelling on the site might turn chaotic, but so long as it’s clear its a draft/archive, I think it’s still safe to keep working on it.

I’ve always liked the idea of creating a paper trail and keeping track of drafts so I’ll do just that and keep it open to the public. Just know that what you read on the site is NOT the final version and may vary greatly from what goes to print. Consider it the “Behind the Scenes” that I was originally going to paywall behind a Patreon. Fuck that. No paywalls for anything other than the print versions. I’ll be moving the OG series onto the site for people to read at their discretion. I’ve mentioned it before so what the heck. It’s not great, but as I keep saying, it holds a special place on my heart.

All those “Patreon” posts will be posted on the site instead.

I knew it was a bit overzealous to set up a Patreon this early so while I WON’T be closing it, it is HIGHLY SUGGESTED that anyone using Patreon cancel it. It will no longer be receiving unique content or any content at all. If it becomes relevant again sometime down the line, I’ll work things out, but right now? It isn’t. I want 100% of my content here on the site.

One thing I want to just put out there is that updates to the site are still on a semi-hiatus. Until I get far enough ahead on prepping chapters for publishing, progress on the site drafts might be slow. In the meantime, I will be reorganizing the site (AGAIN I KNOW I’M SORRY!) to reflect the coming changes. You can expect a TON of new content once the re-org is done. It may not all be story related, but it’s gonna be loaded with new stuff to read and check out.

Some of the new content will include:

  • OG Q’taxians
  • Deleted Scenes – Parts edited out before being posted to the site
  • Author Commentary – Me adding notes to different scenes and chapters
  • Progress Reports – Updates about the current chapter’s progress
  • Regular State of the Series Reports – Updates about the overall status of the series as a whole

Due to all of this, I’m working on re-invigorating the Newsletter to keep everyone interested in all this new stuff up to date. I’ll be creating a more detailed post specifically about that once I have it all set up. Stay tuned!

I think that about sums up my current mindset about this whole thing. Maybe some things will change down the line, but right now, I’m very comfortable with this situation.

Over the next few days, the site may be up and down due to maintenance. I don’t expect to get it all done at once, but I will be starting work on it ASAP. I’ll try not to ever leave it in a completely disheveled state and if it does go down, I’ll work to get it back up as quickly as possible regardless of what condition it’s in. (I’ve accidentally knocked it down a few times before)

Anyway, I do hope this is a suitable resolution for everyone as I believe this better holds to the ethos of the series. The Q’taxians will always have a free version available to anyone who wants to read it. Plus lots of other free content to keep you in the story!

Which reminds me! I set up that lore page and then didn’t do anything with it… Expect content there soon!

I’m going to end this post here before I get overly verbose and off-topic.

Much love to you all
Until next time,
Tav \o

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