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Quick addition that I think is pretty important!

The Rewrite

I just want to go into this a bit more.

I know I’m a bit far in to be doing a rewrite, but every time I go back and “retcon” something, it requires a lot of tracking and tracing to make sure its all consistent throughout. So many plot elements needed adjusting that it became incredibly taxing to keep following all the threads. As a result, I’ve stripped the existing story down to its beats (via notes of course) and I’ve begun working on expanding on them to create something a bit more “full”, in my opinion at least. I’m removing the concept of an upload date so I can focus on keeping the quality up rather than meeting a word count/deadline. I don’t intend for this rewrite to be radically different (a la the original series to the current run). I just intend to create a more thorough sense of cohesion between all the elements without any sense of rushing or accidentally skipping over things or working backward or excessive retconning.

I am doing this rewrite very carefully and taking a lot of plot element notes to ensure that everything stays together and there will be no need for another overhaul. What I am working on now should be the final rendition of the story.

I have the first arc very thoroughly plotted with all the seeds that should have been there from the start. The concept of an “arc” may be devolving to allow for the branching and episodic nature I’ve wanted to progress the plot with. There will always be an overarching objective that would tie these episodes together, but hard locking them into an arc seems excessive until such a time that the particular story beat in question concludes.

There will still be a structural overhaul to the series and how it’s presented. When I created the arc system, I didn’t realize it was going to restrict my perception of what does and does not fit into their content. This, by its very nature, made branching/episodic episodes impossible. They all had to progress the plot of the arc or they had no reason to be there. As a result, outside of Violet Prelude, all arcs will be determined after they’ve been written. I will NOT be restricting the story to a set series of beats to reach a specific end goal. I want to keep it far more organic than that.

Basically, once Violet Prelude is over, a part of the story that HAS to be very linear, we’ll be entering the wild west of plot progression. Which is where I thought I’d be by now, but it didn’t quite work out that way.

In the current run, Emerald Adagio was supposed to expand upon the Cassidy Jones character, but instead, it’s about Jeron and Sylus getting their shit back together and Saari finding a part-time job. Don’t get me wrong, these things are very important, but the fact that they had nothing to do with the overarching plot of the arc made me kind of uncomfortable with how they fit organizationally into the plot.

No more of that!

I’m going to write what comes naturally in the order it comes up and if I feel like putting an overarching arc or something over it, I will. For now, it’s going to be a bit more freeform. Is that the best course of action? We’ll find out! I just know I’ll be freeing myself up from personal imposed restrictions. Hopefully, the results will be worth it!

Physical vs Digital: Why not both?

For some reason, my brain didn’t want to click with how I could balance the free online concept with a print copy. Well, it’s not honestly that difficult. They’re different mediums.

So here’s the game plan as of right now.

There will still be a cut-off date to read the current content. I will be removing it eventually. It will be replaced with the content that will appear in the physical versions. This content will follow the same plot beats but with a bit more fleshed out in the story department. This will likely result in an erratic post schedule for a while, but once these episodes are up, they will remain on the site and free to read forever. However, as time goes on, ads for the physical copies will eventually start cropping up. I promised no ads ever, but I’m afraid that’s going to be broken.

The way I see it, the physical copies would in no way be in competition with the online content. I just want the content to be the same. So as I go through and work on the rewrite, I will update the online content as well.

I want to encourage people to check out the physical copy so I’m working out little bonuses that could go with them. I mentioned illustrations at some point in the main article, but that’s a bit off since I really need to work up to being able to afford that. I’m thinking ag small and tangible exclusive to the purchase. Here goes my brain, spinning with ideas!

Basically, I really want the physical copy to be something special and my brain really was struggling with the concept of violating the “free forever” promise.

I got the idea of the “excerpt” structure from a few publishing companies that approached me when I was considering going the formal route. Obviously, I knew that trad publishing meant I wouldn’t be able to post everything online. Samples only. But trad and self are very different animals. Like I mentioned in the main post, self-publishing gives me 100% control over everything. Which means I’m not conflicting with myself by maintaining the online post while producing a physical copy. They can co-exist.

And so they shall.

The last thing I want is to alienate anyone from the story. I want nothing more than to make it as accessible as possible and, honestly, it felt weird saying “Well now you’ll have to buy it to read it”. It does go against everything I set out to accomplish with the series.

I know this is all a very sudden flip on the topic, but I think this is how it really SHOULD be carried out in order to keep up with the spirit of the series’ origins and what I set out to do with it. I suppose this makes the main post a little less well thought out, but rather than change what’s there, I’ll add this to it. I like keeping a paper trail of growth and change.

I’d like to thank all my readers for continuing to support myself and the project. I don’t want any of you to feel like you’re not appreciated, because you are. I love you all and I will do my best to do everything I can to make sure you can keep reading without any interruptions or paywalls!

This I do decree! (lol)

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