>Entry #13: That Which Defines Us. (Part 1)

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Jeron woke with a yawn. A strangely unfamiliar ray of light came through the window at his feet. It was almost clear… As if the Mist wasn’t there anymore… He sat up slowly. As he came to his sense, he became aware of a creaking sound coming from outside. Leaning forwards, he could see someone on the two-seater swing on the porch. He jumped to his feet, pulling on his pants as he threw the door open.

There he sat. Slowly rocking the chair back and forth. Staring out at nothing across the street.


“Hey, Jeron,” his voice cracked around his smile.

Jeron looked around. Confused. “H-how are you here? You couldn’t even walk a few hours ago…”

“Oh,” Sylus sighed, “I’m not here. Neither are you.”

“E-excuse me?”

Sylus patted the empty spot on the swing.

Jeron was frozen in place.

“Humor me for a minute, please?”

With a nod, Jeron sat down beside him.

They swung on the chair for a while in complete silence. Barely moving save their legs pushing them back and forth. Jeron’s mind, now fully awake, raced with a million questions.

“I know,” Sylus sighed, “I really do.” He turned to Jeron with a smile.

Jeron was caught completely off guard. Not by the smile itself, but how it made him feel. He’d never seen this face before, yet somehow it brought him a complete sense of comfort. It was as if he was looking at Sylus for the first time. Like the Sylus he knew and remembered was some kind of facade and this person was real. The smile was real. Nothing fake or forced about it. He was looking at the genuine article. He was looking at Sylus.

“You have a lot on your mind,” he leaned forward, “As do I. As does everyone, I think.” He chuckled. “This was all so sudden and, well, quite frankly, an utter mess…” he leaned back, “I have a million things I want to say to you just as you have a million more you want to say to me and we have time for that. All of it. But right now, do me a favor,” his soft gaze met Jeron’s confused, darting eyes, “Be here with me. For now. We’ll sort out feelings and relationships later. But for now,” he closed his eyes with a sigh, “Just sit here. With me.”

Somehow, Jeron felt his nerves calming. The soft heat of the sun washed over him. A cool breeze danced through the warm air. He hadn’t felt like this in years. Somehow… He turned to Sylus, the Sylus he’d never seen before yet somehow recognized, and felt at peace. Truly at peace. He felt every muscle in his body relax as he leaned back on the swing, letting his own eyes gently close. He took a deep breath and felt all his worries melt away. The problems weren’t gone, but in this moment… Everything was okay.

For the first time in years, Jeron Miles was happy.


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