>Entry #11: Let Me Out.

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A Day in the Life12

Sylus Synclaire woke up.

Searing pain shot through every nerve.

His body was on fire.

He tried to draw breath to scream, yet his lungs refused to fill. Instead, they gurgled and rattled with the fluid that had taken the place of precious oxygen.

Still he screamed. At least he tried. Loud, worn vocalizations of pain filled the pitch-black chamber. No one could hear him. No one would find him.

Sylus Synclaire woke up.

Only to die.

This was it.

The end had finally come.

In the fleeting moments, his mind could make sense of anything he felt but two things.

Betrayal. He woke up, so where was Qaitax? Why was he still suffering? The monstrosity had promised him a quick death if he failed, so why was he still here? Suffering? What made him ever think he could trust something as ambiguous and eternal as Qaitax… A mistake… A terrible, worthless mistake.

Remorse. He’d never see his family again. The lights in his life. That which he came here to protect. Worse yet, they’d never know he was gone. He hoped that at some point, they’d give up on waiting and move on. He hoped his son could one day find it in his heart to forgive his misguided father.

A strange light crept into his vision. Was this that tunnel people thought they saw when they died? All the neurons going off at once. An explosion of human consciousness all about to be lost for eternity in the matter of an instant. His life didn’t flash before his eyes, yet the feelings of fear, betrayal, and remorse became so intense that they overtook the physical pain. His body was shot. Gone. Lost. All that was left was this fading instant of consciousness. He tried desperately to cling to that moment, hoping that if he could just hold out a moment longer, he’d be saved… Perhaps… He’d wake up again…

Maybe he had been a fool to reject the voice’s gift of a perfect life. Maybe he’d been a fool to ever trust Qaitax enough to think he’d spare him this fate. Maybe a lifetime in an instant, devoid of such pain and suffering, would have been better than this.

As the glaring white took him completely, the last thought that shot through his fading mind was

What a fucking waste…



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