>Entry #10: Pleasant Valley Sunday.

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No more. No more waking up in paradise. No more “perfect” bullshit.

You have no choice, mortal. You let us in. You are our plaything now. And play with you we will until the moment you are no more.

I didn’t let anyone in…

The Void. You entered our realm. You are lucky it is me and not one of my siblings. They’d be far less willing to give you peace.

Let me out.

I won’t.

Won’t? Or can’t?

I very well could, but the price I’d pay isn’t worth some measly mortal soul.


Isn’t here. He will perish with you. Twice the victory. Twice the glory.

I refuse… I won’t… I won’t let you…

You have no choice. You are not strong enough to free yourself. Accept this final life as a gift. Live it well, Sylus Synclaire.




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