The First Arc: Prelude in Violet is COMPLETE! So… What’s next?!

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As of September 18, 2019, the full first arc of the series is complete! At a total of 9 entries and over 90k words, Prelude in Violet has concluded. So what lies in the future of The Q’taxians? I hope to use this post to lay out a road map for the story going forwards in a FaQ type layout.

Let’s get into it!

The first arc is complete? Weren’t you just saying it was “nearing its conclusion”?

If you noticed this, good catch.

The original plan was to end the arc at a different point in the story. Something further down the line, but as the plot progressed as it has, that point seemed to almost draw things out for too long and I decided it made a better beginning than an end.

I had originally wanted the first arc to end with Sylus and Qaitax fully transformed, but the more I thought about that process, the more I realized what a tonal shift it was going to cause in the story. And for what? Two chapters? The second he got home, I was going to end it. Which… Had a lot of awkward plot implications. Had I continued in this direction, the first arc would have ended mid conflict and I just… I don’t know. I think it’s too early to end on that kind of cliff hanger. Don’t get me wrong, it ends on a decent sting (imo), but it’s nothing drastic. From what I’ve figured, where it ends now is at a reasonable pausing point in the plot.

Yes it leaves things unresolved.

Yes it opens a lot of doors that won’t be addressed for a while.

No, it is not ideally where I wanted my MC to be, but if I dragged it out any more, the tonal shift wasn’t going to work.

I believe I set the stakes, established the basics of the world, and introduced the core of the main characters. The next arc will expand upon this directly.

If the arc is complete, does that mean there won’t be any more work on it?

Absolutely not. I will continue to work on cleaning up the entries. This will mean things like:

  • Affirming plot consistency
    • Because of this a change-log will be added to the “Prelude in Violet” page. Whenever there is a plot-based change in any of the chapters, this information will be presented in the change log.
  • Fixing grammatical errors
    • I’m sure there’s plenty to be found and rectified. These kinds of edits won’t appear in the change-log unless they somehow affect the plot
  • Fixing up visual elements
    • I noticed some optimization I could have been making with image dimensions and resolution. I will be addressing these issues during this period
  • Some quality of life changes
    • I’m working on optimizing some aspects of accessibility via navigation

When will the next arc begin?

Originally, I was going to end Prelude in Violet closer to the end of the year and have the new arc begin first thing 2020. I was planning a December break for pure marketing and focusing on engagement. I have a lot of plans for the future of this project and having the first arc complete actually starts opening those doors.

For now, I plan on beginning the next arc on schedule which means its first chapter will be released October 22nd. Yeah, I’m going back to Tuesdays. The responses were much better with that release day. I’ve seen a noticeable decline in traffic since shifting to Thursday. So much for alliteration. I’ll be fixing up all the social media and Patreon to reflect this.

Keeping with the theme of musical elements, it’s current title is “Cantata in Xanthous” (announced on Twitter as “Xanthous Cantata”). Should give you something of an idea of the direction I plan on going with it.

What’s the long term future of Prelude in Violet?

I’m not sure that’s a question anyone would really ask, but it’s something I’d like to offer an answer and explanation too anyway.


Once I’m satisfied on my part with the editing, I will see about hiring a professional editor to do a pass on it. Yes, I know, my ego will probably get bruised, but I won’t be throwing it all away and starting over again because screw that, I’m happy with where this is right now.

Self Publication

Once the editing is is done as well as possible, I will be arranging to have the entire first arc published in a physical book.

Why do this when it’s free to read online?

Because why not? I want a physical copy and making one available, as well as a Kindle edition, can do nothing but help facilitate access to the story. I want it as universally accessible as possible. Plus, I feel like it’s a good alternative to the Patreon system for those who might want to support myself and the project. With a physical copy/ebook available, supports will get something physical for their investment. And it’s 100% optional.

“Audio Books”?

I use the term “Book” lightly as I plan on uploading any readings of the chapters onto YouTube for public consumption. I may early access gate them on Patreon, but, as I’ve said before, nothing around the core story will ever be locked behind a paywall.

I have an ideal situation of finding all kinds of people to read different parts of the story. Either full chapters (might be a lot) or page by page. I’ll be looking into this in 2020.


As mentioned in the previous update post, I will be looking into artists for scenes and characters. Any artwork created will be in the Lore section so if you don’t want you impression of a character altered, you can easily avoid them.

Future Online?

A few people had to hear me rant about my frustration with Twitter this morning, but I’ve settled down and put things back into perspective.

Here are some future modifications to “The Q’taxians” online presence:


Starting in October, I will begin copying the story over to Wattpad. I’m not entirely sure how this system works, but so long as it allows for future editing, I’m gonna make it happen asap. If it locks down posts as completed versions, it’ll have to wait until editing is through which will set it back to early 2020.


As before, it’s not really in use save for my posts to no one that I make sure to keep up with on a monthly basis, but I have some things I’ll be adding to it.

Every month, I’ll be releasing chapters of the original Q’taxians run. These are the first telling of the tale. The one that got panned by critics. I offer you, oh glorious Patrons, the ability to indulge in this cringe!

I believe there were 13 chapters and two holiday specials. I might release the Halloween special this October though it’ll be lacking a lot of context. It’s trash anyway so… Yeah.

Weird Words Weekly

I’m stepping back on Weird Words. I’m thinking I’ll release a little .pdf of in-universe ad-libs for people to buy on Etsy or something. I’ll still put them online, but as of right now, I’m a.) not handling them well & b.) can’t keep up. A blatant example of over-extending, so I’m taking this moment of no-one really noticing to set it aside for now.

Social Media


A few people had to listen to me griping about Twitter this morning, but I’ve long since cooled down and put things back into perspective. I will be continuing my Twitter presence as is. That basically means the following:

@TavorieWrites will remain my main fluff account where I act like an ass to varying degrees and post erotic crap once in a while. I’ll also continue follow-for-following most writers.

@TheQtaxians will remain as it was. I’ve marked it as a business account now. It will continue to deal in only things relevant to the story as well as some real life LGBTQ issues. It’s not a goofing off account, its an account tied to an actual business. Something that should be of note for this account: @TheQtaxians will not follow-for-follow. The account follows a select few people who have been active assistants in the creation and continuation of the project. I do not blindly follow people in return for their follow. This is a business account. So please, while I do enjoy seeing the numbers go up, do not include this account on Writer Lifts or FF threads, because it will not reciprocate. I want these numbers to grow, yes, but from my content, not mass followers expecting follow-backs. If you want to bolster your numbers, follow @TavorieWrites. If we’re already following each other, then awesome!


That’s right. As fickle of a monstrosity as it is, I do plan on trying to feed the Instagram algorithm some more content. I’m making art for the chapters anyway, so slapping it up there shouldn’t be too much of a stretch. I just have to use a scheduler to make sure it all goes live. I tend to make batches of content and either ignore it or post it all in across a single week in what I call Insta-sprints, before going dormant again. I aim to rectify this asap.


I am officially off of Facebook. I only remain because my friends use Messenger. I have been met with untold levels of animosity and passive aggression on that platform. I won’t be closing the Q’taxians page, but it will likely no longer be receiving any further content. It hasn’t in a long time, so I’m hoping the few people who follow it already consider it dead. May make a formal announcement on the page if I can get around to it.

Final Thoughts

I’m very excited about moving forwards. I really was beginning to panic over timing. If I wanted to meet my original plot end and deadline, I was going to have to pump out a lot of questions in quick succession. That didn’t feel comfortable for a myriad of reasons.

The most exciting part of all of this, to me, is finally moving toward a physical book. I’m hoping to have the Q’taxians in hand and available for purchase mid 2020. Even though this is coming, I will not be removing the free content from the site or anywhere else I post it.

The Q’taxians will be free wherever it ends up being posted.

But man… That book is gonna be sweeeet

Oh and also finally being able to move on to the rest of the story. There’s so much to tell and I’m more than ready to tell it.

Until next time \o

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