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Life can be very strange sometimes. It changes on a whim and offers no warning. You have but two choices: Ignore the change and stay how you are, or accept it and change yourself accordingly.

As of about two weeks ago, I had to change my plans of moving west. I had a very enlightening conversation with my boss. It turned out it was her husband trying to stop the succession process. And he almost managed it. He stalled for months and only because of her stress and disappointment did my boss finally see fit to talk to me without him. I will be legally inheriting the business as of January 2020. I plan on growing and expanding it in ways that few in the industry have considered. I plan on making it something great. My boss is already reducing her presence which is something I never thought would happen so she’s serious about this as a result, I have to put it in stone that this is my future.

So what does that mean for the grand scheme of things?

My only real concern is the web series. I can’t let “The Q’taxians” go just because my job has become more than a paycheck. This project saved my life and I will see it through for as long as there is story to tell. But there must be changes.

Over the past few weeks alone, there’s been a drop in quality of what I’m putting out. Lack of editing and execution finesse have made me feel really disappointed in my creation. It took me almost an extra week to get the latest installment functional! Forgot the bells and whistles and accessibility options… A mess… Don’t get me started on editing. I had left filler text in it all over the place. I was truly ashamed.

This experience was a symptom of my life taking a major shift. This business I’m inheriting has begun to take increasing importance in my mind. Before, I’d work my week, get my paycheck, write my story. Now? Now I have to run this company and stay on top of the quality I’ve established for the web series. I refuse to let it die, so compromise must be made.

It may come as a surprise, but I still want to evolve this project into some kind of multimedia experience. I’d ideally like to be able to sell the business I work for and live off the project. I have no illusion of this being an even remotely immediate process, but I believe, in time, while utilizing what the business can do to support the project (a lot), I can make it happen.

The long term goal hasn’t changed. In fact, with unlimited access to the resources the company has available to me, I believe I can make grander steps toward that end. Would I ever truly quit my day job? Well, no. But if I made it as successful as I wanted, I could hire help and dedicate more time to the project which I find to be a more meaningful use of my time.


The Q’taxians will no longer be updated twice a month. As of August 2019, I will be posting one chapter per month. I wanted to forestall this change until the completion of the Prelude, but life is advancing faster than I’d expected. I want to maintain a stronger sense of quality in the what I post. I’m still not guaranteeing a 100% clean edited piece, but at least something that’s organized, has filler text cleaned up, big grammar mistakes fixed, continuity maintained, graphics in place, and accessibility working at launch. This last release really opened my eyes to how I was letting this project slip. I won’t let that happen again. The new schedule is one chapter per month posted on the third Tuesday of that month.

Media Engagement

I’d also like to give myself more time for marketing and social media management. The two week cycle has been very difficult to stay on top of. I have plenty of resources, between Canva reducing my art production time and Buffer helping me manage multiple platforms at once, but I still find I lack the time to actually do enough in bulk to make my online presence a regular thing.

Social Engagement

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I want to grow and engage a community. I’ve come up with some ideas on how to be more actively engaging. I’d like to get people involved on an interactive level. In fact, I’ll be rolling out one such event pretty soon! I feel like on the current every other week format, I have very little time to do anything more than write and scan edit each chapter. I’d like to be able to do so much more.


I will probably begin referencing the Patreon page a bit more. The story itself will never be monetized. It’ll always be free to read in its entirety here on the site, but I would like to work up to a point that the story can support itself. Consider it a second business. One born of passion, but a business nonetheless. Patreon support will also help me gauge how far I can reasonable take the project.

Why a Patreon when you have a potentially successful “Day Job”?

As the old adage goes, time is money. I’m going to have to put a lot more time into both the “day job” and “The Q’taxians” if I want to grow both how I want them to. The problem becomes there’s only so much time in a day.

The operative word there is “p[potentially”. As of right now, its a massive work in progress. The business I’m inheriting isn’t exactly successful. It needs a lot of work and I’m willing to do it, but I’m not willing to do it at the expense of this project. Yes, it is that important to me.

How the finances would break down, very broadly, is that once the business can support me enough to allow me to hire assistance and reduce my presence, I can turn full time to the web series while managing the company a bit more remotely. This is a different tier of income than one where I could reduce my presence AND use the company to support the web series. Something I’d rather not do. I’d like the series to be able to stand on its own. To grow as on its own quality and merit. In the end, I’d like the web series to be able to support itself.

You mentioned the business can support the web series… Why would you need the series to make money?

By support I don’t mean support for expansion or financial support. The plan is to use my unique access to different materials and processes to create a sort of supporting merch shop and allow me to create more community engagement. Giveaways, competitions, charity engagement… Things that help both the business and the web series. Both can grow from these kind of actions at the same time.

Why become a Patron when you said the story would always be free?
Is that changing?

The primary story will ALWAYS be free. And trust me, there’s a lot to the primary story. Branching character driven paths, an overarching battle to save mortality the multi-verse over… There’s a lot in the works.

So what would I gate behind a Patreon?

Lengthy chapter samples and one-off irrelevant short stories, most likely based on prompts from various Twitter tags or NSFW imaginings. I will also be giving Patrons first access to community engagement activities. The highest tier, $8, will also have a support credit added to every story-related post made during your support period.

The more I develop my engagement schedule, the more I’ll have to offer to Patrons. As of right now only the irrelevant short stories are exclusive. So if you want to read the expanded versions of my prompt responses, that’s where they’ll be. I do have plans for expanding on the Patreon system, but I need to work everything out time-wise.

Preview of all the Tiers:

If you’d like to at least give it a look, here’s a link:

Why not just make the series a hobby?

Right now, that’s exactly what it is. A hobby I hope to grow into something that pays for itself. I’d like it to be able to support its media expansion.

The end goal hasn’t changed. I want, in time, for “The Q’taxians” to become my primary focus.

I hope this all makes some kind of sense. It’s taken me a few passes to process my intentions into words for others to read. If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns, the best place to reach me is either here, or on Twitter:

@TavorieWrites for me personally

@TheQtaxians for the project

If you want to make some kind of anonymous inquiry, there’s a Curious Cat as well:

  • Day job responsibility is ramping up.
  • I was deeply affected and upset by the quality of last week’s chapter.
  • Starting August 2019, The Q’taxians will no longer have two posts a month. Due to quality concerns and a desire to create more awareness and engaging content, core chapters will be released on the Third Thursday of every month.
  • I will be creating mini events for people to take part in. These will be worked into the monthly Q’taxian schedule.
  • You will see more mention of a Patreon.
    • The main story will NOT be gated behind the Patreon.
    • The Patreon will offer extended excerpts of raw chapters before editing
    • The Patreon will host one-off short stories that have zero consequence on the overall tale
      • These stories can be SFW and NSFW. They will be clearly marked as such
      • These stories will most likely be triggered by different Twitter tag games so if you want snippets, they’ll show up on the Twitter account @theqtaxians.
    • The Patreon will have the option for a Support Credit at the end of every story-related post supported at that tier.
  • The goal of turning the Q’taxians into a full-time job remains even though I’m in the process of inheriting a business. As lucrative as that sounds, it’s being handed to me in extreme disrepair.

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