Q’taxians After Dark (QAD) [Alt Blog for Adult Content]

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After some rather positive feedback, I’ve decided to launch a secondary blog exclusively for NSFW content. I will be registering it as such so as to remain within WordPress’s community guidelines. The repercussions of doing so is basically that it becomes de-listed from community recommended feeds, which is 100% fine for an alt account. This was something I did not want to risk with this main page, but I still wanted to post the content. The story and accompanying blogs are what matter the most to me.

All of that aside, there is now an in-universe NSFW content blog for “The Q’taxians”. As of right now, there’s just one fic up, but I hope to add much more in the future.

Unlike the main chapters, that run on a schedule, QAD will only be updated whenever I see fit to do so. There will be no schedule or deadline for posting to this page. It’ll progress at whatever pace it progresses. So don’t expect a steady stream or get used to bursts of content. I’m sure the flow will come and go.

These are all non-sequitur one-offs. Knowing the story will help, but they take place mostly after the completion of Phase 1 (yet to actually be reached in the main story) and may contain some minor spoilers or open some things to speculation, so be warned. I contemplated saving this launch until after Phase 1 was actually complete, but what the heck, have some lewd stuff.

Something to consider with QAD is that 99% of it will be tentacle oriented and, as of right now, it’ll all be M/M (Sylus is trans). If this kind of content is not your cuppa tea, that is absolutely fine. There will never be any plot important content with these stories. They all stand alone and offer their own steamy takes on classical tentacle escapades.

If all of that sounds interesting to you, and you are of legal age in your country, feel free to check out:

Q’taxians After Dark

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