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I’ve had a little project on my mind since I first starting writing Chapter 1, but I stymied myself with a supposed lack of resources/ability. It took a while to accept that I had the voice I needed to bring my idea to life. My voice causes me a lot of anxiety and discomfort, but its mine, so I may as well put it to some good use! For the first time, I sat down, recorded and listened to myself over 50 times until I got a take that I felt was worth using. After that, it was a matter of going from saying “I can’t” or “I shouldn’t” to “Why not?” With that, I sat glued to my computer for two days (after work, of course) making this latest Q’taxian creation!

That’s right! I made another little video! (The first one, from a while back, can be found here: Welcome to Q’taxia.) This time, things got a bit more technical! I made some very basic “animations” using homemade graphics and recorded the vocals with my own equipment and voice. I’m far from experienced in any of these departments, but I’m proud of the result and am beyond excited to be finally dipping my toe into multimedia territory!

May I present to you,

The Riftworks: Prepare to Be Sanitized.

The script is taken from the robotic entrance to the Riftworks facility presented in Chapter 1: A Day in the Life. <- Check it out if you’re interested in reading the rest!

If you want to support this project, consider following the link to the YouTube post proper (in the the embedded video subtext) and giving it a like! Subscribing is 100% optional, but it helps with visibility and gives you immediate access to anything I upload without needed to wait for me to spread it across social media. I’m going to do that anyway, so it’s entirely up to you!

With this upload, the “The Q’taxians” one step closer to being the multimedia project I’ve always dreamed of it being. With enough work, perseverance, dedication, and support from readers like yourself, I’m more than certain now that I can make it a reality.

Fun Fact: the randomly generated video code almost spells Qaitax. Just short one “a”, but for the fun of it, I’m gonna call it a random success!

Anyway, now that I’m done geeking out over my own web series, thank you so much for reading/watching and I hope you enjoyed this little piece of Q’taxian history!

P.S. There will be an outtakes upload.


  • Editing/Mixing
  • “Art”
  • “Voice work”
  • Script

Tavorie Jarrow

  • Recorded using Blue Yeti Snowball & Windows 10 built-in recording software
  • Art made with CorelDRAW/PHOTO-PAINT 2018
  • Sound mixed using Audacity
  • Video made with Shotcut

All sound effects are credited below:
Hatch Closing
Background Hum:
Affirmative Ring:
Sanitization Sound:
Negative Ring:
Overly Cheery Outro:

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