Why a Web Series?

Now that IS the question isn’t it?

While this whole thing began almost a year ago, I began serializing it back in September of 2018. I started uploading a chapter every week averaging at about 20 minutes read time each. The idea was to make a story that would engage people and could potentially serve as a replacement for the traditional half hour television show. I wanted to serialize it. To build a community around it. To have community engagement. To make something that wasn’t just for me, but was for anyone who wanted to be a part of it. I set a deadline I met every week and used the idea of an audience that wasn’t there as reinforcement for sticking to my plans.

By December, I had finished the alpha version of my first arc. Copying it all into a single Google Docs file, I had found that I had written a novel’s length of words. Seeing this, my gears shifted. I was writing a novel now. Not a web series. I printed it out and began editing. A lot changed. I made those changes. Even more changed later. And again and again and again… Things kept changing. I stopped uploading anything at all.

That’s when I saw it. I was writing it into the ground. Again. Just as I had done with its predecessor. After a long talk with a good friend, I decided I had to go back to the format I’d begun it with. It had to be a series. For me to EVER finish it, to EVER commit to one version and write, I had to go back to making it a series. Even if I never created the community I wanted to, The Q’taxians had to go back to basics or the story would never be told. It had to remain episodic for me to stick to it. I wasn’t about to let another work be burned away. There were no more phoenixes to be born. This was it.

The Choice became clear:

Keep driving for a novel, writing it into the dirt, never being happy with it and eventually drop the entire project


Go back to where it started. As something I was doing to help myself. Something I wanted to serialize for an audience that didn’t even exist and may never exist. Something I wanted to grow some kind of community around like any other piece of media.

The answer, to me, seemed obvious. Back to basics.

Henceforth, I am committed to The Q’taxians existing as a web series online. This is how it will remain.

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