The Last Page: About the Author

You approach a wooden door with a frosted glass window. Across the translucent glass are stark black letters reading “T. Jarrow ‘Author'”. You slowly open the creaking door to find a dark office lit only by the dim glow of a banker’s lamp set on a solid wood desk. Black ink scattered like blood on a well worn blotter. A substance that may actually be blood mixed in. A wastebasket filled to the brim with crumpled and shredded paper. The trees outside the second story window mourn their fallen brethren. A cigar sits smoking in an ash tray. It’s length burning down without the assistance of human breath. A high back chair turned toward the panoramic window behind the desk. A gruff and clearly forced voice greets you.

“Welcome. Welcome. I’ve been waiting for you…”

The chair turns slowly revealing the most intimidating figure you’ve ever seen…

Nah, just kidding. I’m probably writing this on my cluttered desk at home or at a Starbucks because this area has killed off all the small coffee shops and book stores. Huzzah for progress, am I right?

Anyway, I go by Tavorie or Tav and I already more than appreciate your interest in my project. By day, I’m a commercial laser cutter technician. By night, I’m a recovering MMO addict trying to tell my own story in a sea of stories being told.

I use to write prolifically. Some things I look back on fondly with a nostalgic sense of cringe. Others are better forgotten. The Q’taxians is my return to the story I’ve been trying to tell for most of my life. One I’ve written into the dirt multiple times. I laid the original plot to rest and like a phoenix from the ashes, the series that is The Q’taxians was born. It was the result of reclaiming my passion for writing after a very dark time in my life. After feeling the most unfulfilled and alone, that’s where The Q’taxians was born. It was a personal mental health project that actually saved me from a deep, despairing darkness.

The Q’taxians saved me.

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