The Future: Plans & Goals

Here’s the part where I sell you on why you should invest your time in this series.

What does the future hold?

What do I plan to do with this?

What is it that I really want from this project?

First and foremost, I’m doing this project for myself. I need it for my own well-being. Its a sense of grounding that I’ve sought after for most of my life.

Tied for first place is the idea of a community. I want to build something around this story of mine. It may never happen or maybe it will, but going forwards, I’ll be treating this entire project like it’s geared for an engaging community.

The long-term goal is to make a it multi-media tale. As of right now, I’m doing all the writing and I have a friend assisting with audio readings. I’d like it to evolve to encompass art, comics, animation. Guest voices. Guest writers. I want to do it all as cannon parts commissioned for the series. I want to engage all forms of media including, perhaps one day, printing. I want to create something that is engaging on every level with as close to universal access as I can make it. I want to invest in multilingual translations, more platforms for presentation… The whole SHEBANG! I want it all and I believe The Q’taxians deserves it all. Does that sound pretentious? Perhaps, but I prefer to think of it as ambitious.

Can I actually do all of that? Well, it’s up to me to find out, but the long short of it is: Yes. In time, I believe I can.

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