Rating & Potential Triggers Info

The Q’taxians is an LGBT Weird Fiction Web Series set in alternate present earth geared toward a mature audience. There’s nothing sexually explicit about its content, but it may not be suitable for all audiences. I will not be adding individual triggers to each chapter so assume these themes are consistent through out the series:

  • Loss of self control / “Possession”
  • LGBT characters who range in openness
  • Gender Dysphoria presented in detail
  • Same sex relationships
  • References to abusive relationships
  • Substance abuse (mainly alcohol and cigarettes. no hard drugs)
  • Course language
  • PTSD
  • Stockholm Syndrome-esque symptoms
  • Disturbing (potentially visceral) imagery
  • Depictions of violence
  • References to rape. No depictions or graphic detail.
  • References to sexual assault. No depictions or graphic detail.
  • Depictions of assault. Not sexual.
  • Damaged characters
  • Dark/Macabre humor
  • Tentacles. I don’t mention this as a joke. I know there are some people who are adverse to the idea of tendrils or tentacles as parts of a person. These appendages play a large role in the story, so if they make you uncomfortable here’s your warning.
  • Colored text lines. Certain characters have colors attributed to their dialog and actions. These colors are only active when the character is active. As such, font colors may switch between the character’s and the default black font color.

Overall, though the story itself lacks graphic sexual depictions, I would still rate it as Mature.

I hope this list gives you a good idea of what you’re getting into. If any other potential triggers arise, I’ll add them. As it stands, this is a fairly comprehensive list.

Reader’s discretion advised.

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