Back Cover: The Story

Sylus Synclaire doesn’t want to save the world.

He wants nothing more than to find the quiet, happy life he knows his son deserves. To be at peace. To find a home. To have a family.

A beacon of hope comes to him in the form of the beginning of the end.

On one fateful summer day, the world was shaken to its core. We were no longer alone and the invaders didn’t come from above.

The small west coast town of La Sombra gave birth to the horrifying Rift: A brilliant violet sliver in all of space and time. No one knew what it was, until things started coming through.

First came the Mist.

Then followed the creatures.

Finally, humanity’s response: The Riftworks.

This was the freedom Sylus was willing to take a chance on. Throwing the entirety of his old life behind, and with nothing but the clothes on his back and his son in his arms, Sylus Synclaire fled one hell only to find himself embroiled in another far more alien conflict.

Nightmares and monstrosities, both human and alien, became every day life. The wear and tear of exhaustion and constant wariness wears a person down. Despair sees inevitable.

Yet in every moment of darkness, there is always an ounce of light. A moment of truth. Sometimes that moment comes from family. Others, well, it might come from a timeless monstrosity you share your body with. Either way, what could make a person fight for a world they felt utterly scorned and betrayed by?

The answer, to Sylus, was simple.


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