Welcome to Q’taxia.

The first ad ever done for the project. Originally posted to YouTube on October 19, 2018, it represents a slightly different angle the story was heading in. Only slightly though, as this really was designed to be a one-off segment from the beginning. This is a staple piece of media in the evolution of the project that I’m still very proud of. Enjoy!


Welcome to Q’taxia.

Too soon? Well it has been gone for quite some time. You see, the Void took care of that. The only problem is, it didn’t stop there. Or anywhere before that. In fact, it probably won’t ever be stopping. All it does is grow and expand. How else can you bring matter into a realm fundamentally devoid of the very concept? Alas, farewell to Q’taxia. Befalling the same fate as the countless worlds before it. Perhaps one day, some form of mortal life will heed the warnings of survivors. Until then, Earth remains the final vanguard against further expansion.

​Though it consumes one world at a time, time means nothing to the denizens of the Realm Betwixt. Where the Void has eternity to see it’s ends met, Earth is but a mortal world and time means everything, like Q’taxia before it. But Earth… Earth has something Q’taxia did not. Something the Q’taxians could never have conceived.

​The Synclaires.



Artwork and Script by Tavorie Jarrow (@TavorieWrites / @TheQtaxians)

Narrated by Johannus Serbee (@ozurite1)

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