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Well Hello There!

that's muh face
(haven't had purple hair in a loooong time)

My name’s Tavorie, Tav for short, and I write weird, dark fantasy speculative fiction.

I’ve been writing for most of my life (against the better judgement of others) and all of it has always been juuuust a little bit weird.

I currently have two projects underway both of which are free to read right here on the site!

“The Q’taxians” is a web series that has become a labor of love. It tells a tale of a near-apocalyptic world and the found family that stands between the Void and the annihilation of earth.

“Void Tales” is a collection of weird, stand-alone short stories. These are just strange little plots that I write out into what are, hopefully, entertaining bite-sized reads.

Outside of writing, I play video games and look for work. Due to the situation with current events, I’ve become unemployed and have since struggled to find work based on my very niche skill-sets. As a result, I’ve turned a lot of attention to the series and my writing in general. My writing is often what I turn to when I need to find an anchor for my sanity during difficult times.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find something to read that’s to your liking! Questions, comments, and concerns are ALWAYS welcome!



I began writing “The Q’taxians” in early 2018 as a coping mechanism for some rather dark times. It has since evolved and grown into something I hold incredibly close to my heart. While it is no longer in progress, it will remain online as an archive of a previous version of the story!

These are all stand-alone works of fiction. All are written by myself unless otherwise noted.

In collaboration with the incredibly talented @thisisblix on Instagram, we’re making some amazing visual representations of the cast of “The Q’taxians” using Final Fantasy XIV!
tl;dr: Character Art!

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